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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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sex offenders living nearby the high school in tampa. you can see the empty space where all of the sex offenders are banned from living. >> commissioners now want to more than double that buffer zone. abc action news reporter carson chambers live with the problem this could create. carson. >> reporter: well, basically this new ordinance could push sex offenders further away from schools like lee elementary school here in tampa. but where they go would worry some. >> i see, yes. and it's crazy. i didn't even know how many. >> reporter: 143 sexual predators and offenders living within a mile of her tampa home. >> if these people cannot control themselves we us parents have to do it because the first thing is our children. >> reporter: tiffany is taking offguard. so many living in the community.
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the city were to adopt and enforce. >> his victim was under 16. >> reporter: new stricter sex offender regulations her neighborhood would get relief. >> it would greatly affect us. we have two schools -- actually one school within 2,000 feet and a park within 2,000 feet. that would help us tremendously. >> reporter: one commissioner wants to make it illegal for sex offenders to live 1,000 feet away from a school, park, day care facility or playground but some worry it could back fire on rural communities. >> i want to make sure as this is crafted that it's not crafted in such a way that our rural areas end up being a dumping ground for sexual offenders and sexual predators. >> reporter: dave would like to see the new restrictions passed and thesese pinpoints around her home thin out. >> you have to know who the people around you are.
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the county commission moved this forward 7-0 today. and tomorrow, tampa city counselors will be talking about a very similar topic. news. >> carson, thank you. happening now, a potential break in the desperate search for a missing orlando infant now being called baby willow. police late this afternoon hauling off a dumpster wrapped in crime scene tape. they're not saying why. the mama pearing in court for the first time this morning. she appeared so uninterested that the judge had to ask her if she was awake. that attitude mirroring what investigators described yesterday. investigators say when they questioned her, she yawned leaned her head back and acted bored. fume gators will plead guilty for a box job that brain damaged a 10-year-old boy. attorneys for williams and
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deal that will involve jail time. face federal charges of making chemicals and making false statements. they treated the home this past august and he suffered severe brain damage because the family was allowed to return home too soon. lawmakers appear to be one step closer to fixing florida's death penalty. the sticking point, how jurors have to agree on execution. an amendment to a house bill will require 10 of 12 jurors to sentence someone to death. a similar bill working its way through the senate calls for an anonymous decision. >> now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good evening, everybody. i hope your evening commute was a lot smoother than your morning commute. i suspect because we didn't have any fog this evening, it probably was. temperatures anywhere from the
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visibility is not an issue right now. pretty much unlimited visibility. tomorrow morning of course we will have to keep our eyes on the possibility of a little bit of fog. more down to the south. today we hit 75 degrees. above normal. clear skies overnight. a front moves through tonight. how it impacts your morning commute and the rest of your week and weekend coming up in a couple minutes. >> we will check back with you, den. a former star quarterback for the university south florida is in trouble with the law tonight. crowder turned himself in last night. back in december he hit another man, breaking the victim's nose and a tooth. police have not said why he did it. he finished his usf career in the top five all time for rushing and passing yards. a man facing charges after he repeatedly slapped a child
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moses hit the child five to ten times because he yelled at another child. this caused a bruise on the left side of the child's face. the boy told investigators that moses threatened to do the same thing to the other side of his face unless his attitude changed. investigators are trying to find out how a fire started at a haines city church. abc action reporter ryan raiche tells us tonight that the congregation is trying to figure out how to move on. >> reporter: tonight heart break in haines city. this long-standing staple for the community destroyed. >> we are lucky nobody got hurt. >> reporter: parishioners at the baptist church arriving this morning to witness the carnage, the place they worshipped for years destroyed by flames last night while about 15 of them prepared for a bible study. >> i just couldn't believe it. >> reporter: she was baptized here, celebrated graduation here and can't believe it's gone.
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family and the church family. >> reporter: the fire started after 8:00 on tuesday night. he ran inside and got everyone out and called for help. >> i thank god we're alive. >> reporter: the issue is the church is 80 years old. so old that they were not able to get insurance. it makes moving forward extra difficult. >> every time that we got a policy six months later they sent our money back and said they're not going to be able to help us anymore. >> reporter: this morning as investigators searched for clues, it became clear that the place this people called home is a total loss. parts of the roof resting on the pews and the pulpit. the front half gutted. >> we don't know what we're going to do now. >> reporter: for now the congregation of about 200 is leaning on the community's general recognitionity. other pastors dropping by to offer support and a place to worship as they figure out how to move forward. >> i feel god did this for a reason. >> reporter: that reason to be determined.
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>> in a health concern we're monitoring closely. another case of zika confirmed in florida. this latest case down in broward county makes 22 for the state so far. that news comes as hillsborough frees up millions to help fight the virus. the county is also inspecting abandoned pools and looking at sites that might foster mosquitoes. local experts say there is good news. none of the confirmed cases in florida were contracted in the state. >> if we saw a person who developed the symptoms and the test but not traveled that would take it to another level because we would then know that the virus was spread here and not somewhere else. >> dr. holt adds that all three of the people in hillsborough county infected by the zika virus are no longer contagious. more of you have a chance
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the tampa office of emergency management just announcing a new program that will give free noaa radios to every mobile james holmes in the community. the state division of emergency management donated 70 radios total. they say storms like the one we saw just yesterday in south florida show how quickly the weather can turn dangerous. you may not realize it but florida receives more tornadoes per square mile than any other state in the u.s. and if you don't have a noaa weather radio, stay safe by downloading our app. you can use it to get alerts no matter where you are and use it to track live radar. it's available for apple and android phones. a house panel approved a bill that would change how you are notified of your right to skip the daily pledge. students are required to recite
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for the child to be excused. it is headed to the full statehouse. new numbers tonight showing how much damage potholes do to your cars. aaa says the holes in the road have cost us $3 billion a year in repairs over the past five years. that survey found potholes damaged 16% of vehicles in the southeastern u.s. during that time. so keep an eye out. hillsborough county says crews responded to approximately 3200 potholes in just the past yeah. long time actor george gains has died. academy movies. he was 98 years old. cancer break-through. the new treatment that could let your body fight off a tumor flu. a local marine mourning the
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up next, the unexpected cause and his warning to other parents. after a difficult morning commute with a lot of fog out there, we're beautiful. a little breezy as cool air rolling in. we will pinpoint that forecast for you coming up. now here is a look ahead on world news tonight. breaking news tonight. the new poll is donald trump no longer the front runner. also tonight the surprise in south carolina just days before the crucial primary. and the alleged imposter posing as a doctor for more than a month, examining patients. and you will see the sting right here after abc action
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>> a marine is mourning the loss of his 4 month old son. the child died from sids. >> so sad.
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his family now need your help burying their son. >> i am supposed to be getting ready to go night-night. but i just want to talk. i know. >> reporter: this home video shows 4 month old jayden before going to bed. his mother would find him dead in his crib valentine's day morning. >> i can't comprehend what is going on right now. it's a real nightmare. we don't know. >> reporter: the two spoke to abc action news over face time. the natives are stationed in california where giovanni is a marine, a marine that wanted a little boy so badly to carry on his legacy that he prayed. >> i said you were supposed to protect mommy and the girls. >> reporter: according to the
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shows that he died of sids. the center for disease control and prevention show there are 3500 cases a year. with these deaths occurring among infants less than a year old. further examination shows that 25% of the deaths were caused by accidental sufficient indication and strangulation in bed. about half were the result of sids. the cause of death remains unknown in a third of the reported cases. >> you never think it's going to happen to you. but it does. >> reporter: he is survived by his two siblings and the family wants to bury him in new port richey. in new port richey, abc action news. >> that marine says he cannot afford to fly home and pay for his son's funeral so he set up a go fund me page. if you would like to help, go
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have a link to their page. jamison. >> getting word of a major break through in the fight against cancer. researches in seattle say they have developed a treatment based on what is called immune owe therapy. it helps a immune system fight off cancer cells similar to fighting off a virus. the doctors take white blood cells from cancer patients and genetically modify them. the cells are put in to multiply. the cells could protect the patient from cancerous invasions. an update on a south florida woman dealing with a massive bee infestation. we showed you how 20,000 bees were taking over her home. now she is getting help from a lot of people, including tony danza. she reached out to our affiliates in west palm beach saying she couldn't afford to have the bees removed. but a beekeeper has removed them for free. danza gave her a donation.
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control and make sure that the bees don't control. it will be the bulls against the sharks this saturday against the florida aquarium. you are getting a discount to celebrate. the aquarium announced anyone wearing bulls gear will get 10 bucks off of admission. the spirit squad will be there as well. just before 1:00 the women's basketball coach will swim with the sharks in the coral rephrase gallery. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> it has to be hard to be indoors this weekend because it's looking like it's shaping up to be a good one. >> we're in a stretch. we had the fog this morning. >> yes. >> it burned off around 9:00, 9:30. we have a beautiful sunset as well. it's dry. it gives us a reinforcing shot of slightly cooler air in the morning. potential tomorrow pretty much
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maybe a few spots down south or anterior, highlands county. titan doppler radar we can put this away for several days as our rain chances are nonexistent until the early part, maybe even the middle part of next week. we have got a great stretch of weather that extends right on through the daytona 500. temperatures right now low 60s along the beach. why such a big disparity from what is anterior? because the water temperature is so cool. it cools off the immediate coastline. those effects don't affect the interior counties which is why the temperatures are about 10 degrees warmer right now. dew points are still low and getting lower. so comfortable weather. very pleasant weather and low humidity for at least the next few days. outside right now looks good. tampa, clearwater, st. pete, mid 60s under sunny skies. today we tapped out at 75 degrees. a little above normal. we should be 73 in the morning
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and 55 in the morning. there's the satellite picture. as we said you're hard pressed to find any cloud cover out there. it will be like that for the next few days as drier air has rolled in. in florida since we're surrounded by water, all it takes is a wind shift to sometimes bring clouds into the picture. that won't be tonight. very pleasant evening out there. tomorrow morning, skies will be clear. you won't have to worry about starting early to go to work. fog won't a problem. there a north to northeast wind to an easterly wind by friday. and you can see how the clouds stream in from the east coast. when that wind is strong enough, that cloud cover can come across the state. this go around i don't think it will be. over on the east side there could be clouds and maybe even a sprinkle, i see none of that for our area. make polk county. a couple clouds on friday and saturday. by then, the winds come around out of the south. that's going to warm us up.
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risk of rain on the east coast. that extends right on through daytona this weekend. forecast highs in the lower 70s along the coast. low to mid 70s interior. and it only goes up from there as we see temperatures by this latter half of the weekend into early next week near 80 degrees. there's some storms going on out west. that moisture may make its way into our neck of the woods by early next week. here is a look at florida's most accurate 7-day. 72 on thursday. 74 on friday. 76 on saturday. you get the trend. that's right. up near 80 by monday. and then that moisture and developing storm could increase our rain chances by tuesday. and there is the chance of a few severe storms tuesday and wednesday. we will keep you up to date on that as well. hello, folks.
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expand by two teams. oklahoma university president said a decision will likely come this summer. one problem though apparently usf is not a contender. not that i'm surprised but there is one school that was named as a prime candidate that blew me away. that was ucf. i can see byu or uconn or cincinatti. not so much boise state. but central florida? that doesn't seem right. from my standpoint i think the mention of the knights and no usf is embarrassing. usf has made strides but their athletic program is no match for the top to bottom. if i was the president right now i would be banging loud and hard on the big 12 door. all right. now is the season that nfl teams fly their tags around.
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he hopes to hit the jackpot in free agency. i wish him luck. there are teams out there that are not quite sure about martin. he has also been hurt before. there hasn't been that consistency factor. the bucs are smart to take their chances. i'm not so sure how much the running back position will fit into dirk koetter's offensive game plans this upcoming season. the lightning head coach cooper has been battling the flu. it's obvious that garrison's injury has thrown the blue line out of kill enter. >> i guess it's a coincidence that we have lost four or five. he has that kind of an impact. i don't know. you could weigh them both. it definitely has had an impact. one that i didn't think would be -- i thought it would have an impact but not like this.
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due back, the bolts playoff fate might already be decided. look for a trade coming on board. as for the rays, four days before pitchers and catchers begin their workouts in port charlotte, the rays are hoping for much more out of matt moore this season. he's coming off tommy john surgery. is he confident that he has his stuff back? john sabol has that story tonight for us at 11:00. we're back in a minute and
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>> we have continuing coverage of today's top stories on >> we will see you back here at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. the new national poll. is donald trump no longer the front-runner? also, late today, the south carolina surprise. just three days before the high stakes republican primary, the major endorsement. could it sway the race? governor haley is not for donald trump. also developing, the fbi standoff with apple. after the terror attack in san bernardino, the fbi desperate to break into the gunman's iphone. a judge now demanding apple help the fbi. apple refusing. under fire. the two officers trying to arrest this man. he pulls out a gun. their quick action in the


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